Payday Loans in Connecticut - Short Term Cash Apply Now

When it comes to loans, larger loans are generally utilized for larger purchases such as residences, motor vehicles and such things; four circumstances in which someone may be experiencing a personal cash flow crunch then the services of a Connecticut payday loans provider may be more apropos. With the downturn in the world’s economic situation and looming recession, consumers are finding it more challenging to meet the day to day financial demands of everyday life. For many individuals a loans provide a convenient and save alternative to dealing with the occasional cash flow challenges that may arise for them; but are payday loans a viable alternative for you? Answer to this question is multifaceted in nature and it requires you taking into consideration several factors to come to an informed answer. Let’s start by taking a brief overview of the payday loans industry in Connecticut.


The state legislature has not provided any stand-alone laws outlining what the behavior of payday loan lenders ought to be with transacting business with consumers of this state. The only statues that exist in the state that would have some influence on the way that a Connecticut Payday Loans provider would conduct their business to some degree would be the Usury Act on Connecticut, as it applies to small loans in this state. The general usury rate that has been established for personal or consumer loans in the State of Connecticut is 12%. The statutes governing usury lending practices are codified in the Connecticut General Statutes as have been revised by the Connecticut General Assembly. Specifically, Article Three establishes the specific provisions governing appropriate lending and interest rate practices in Connecticut. Primarily, it is these provisions contained in Article Three that govern personal and non-commercial consumer lending practices in Connecticut.

All states create a ceiling interest rate that creditors will charge in a small loan situation. Creditors that charge an interest rate in excess of the rate set forth by the state, and then the penalties levied against the creditor could be quite severe. Some of the penalties could include the forfeiture of the principal amount of the debt that is owed to the creditor by the borrower. Consumers that are subjected to excessively high interest rates should look up the Usury statutes in their perspective state to determine whether these laws are applicable to their particular situation. So even though the state of Connecticut does not have any specific Laws regulating payday loans, the people of the state are not totally without recourse when it comes to how their transactions are treated with Connecticut payday loans. As you see this will be vital information for you when you begin to shop around for a payday loan has terms and interest rates that you can live with. But be assured this is something that you must shop around for and the shopping will be worth it when you see how much money can ultimately save just by doing the initial footwork.

Before you begin shopping you want take some time to see where you are in terms of your own personal finances, this simply means that you want to understand just how your money works, or doesn’t. If you have more money going out in bills and expenses than you have coming in by way of any form of income then you are what is known as upside down in your personal finances, and one of the last things you’re going to need if you are in a situation such as this is a payday loan. One of the biggest mistakes about a payday loan for folks that are financially upside down is taking on additional debt however brief or short the term; even if it is meant to only last for a couple of weeks or a month or two at the most. The money that you borrow from a Connecticut payday loans provider is indeed borrowed money that you are spending money to use; this situation by its very nature is the definition of debt.  they’re just experiencing a personal cash crunch temporarily. As a payday loan is a temporary situation in and of itself it seems only natural that they be utilized for temporary cash flow problems. People that are not upside down in your personal finances and they just need a few extra dollars to get them through the week or next, these are the ideal candidates for payday loans.

When you do make a final decision to take on a payday loan you want to spend a decent amount of time speaking with and couple if not more Connecticut payday loan providers. The purpose of this is it will give you a better feel for how the industry operates in your particular area. You’ll begin to get a grasp of how these companies structure their loan terms as well as what they’re willing to do in the matter of charging interest rates. In a best case scenario you will find two companies that are willing to deal with you in order to obtain your business from the other. When it comes to shopping for a payday loan like any other form of shopping for a major purchase it is perfectly fine to play one side against another just to see who want your business the most. If you find it personally challenging to do this sort of thing take a friend along with you and have them chime into some of your conversations when you’re speaking to the payday loan representatives. Again these people want your business and in order to get it they will be willing to speak with your pet rabbit if it were possible.

When you have ultimately made a decision on which Connecticut payday loans provider you are going to go with, be certain to exercise personal discipline and do not borrow more money than what you actually need at the time. It is a mistake often made by individuals taking out payday loans, and you should fight the temptation to do this for your own financial will being.