Has anyone tempered fate by applying to a bank for a loan with no job? The bank usually requires a steady source of income. But often it is the unemployed who needs same day cash the most! Read how to get a loan for unemployed people with bad credit fast.

If one is a US citizen over 18 years old – even with no proof of income, a steady job, and real estate, a lot of lenders are ready to provide the necessary amount of money as financial aid! To obtain a short-term loan forget about a valid bank account and guarantors – they will not be required.


  • Flexible repayment period. It’s possible to pay back a short-term loan literally the next day.
  • Bad credit. Credit history does not matter. Even if you had tough times and serious delays in the bank payments, this will not affect the issue and the loan amount;
  • Moderate interest rate. When you repay the loan, you do not make huge overpayments, while when you pay off the loan, the interest amounts can be very impressive!
  • Instant registration. It takes some time to receive a response from the bank, but approval of an emergency loan for the unemployed takes only about 15 minutes;
  • Transparent terms. An agreement is formal and describes all the conditions for payments, fines, and interest rates – no hidden fees;
  • Early repayment and re-mortgage. If you have the opportunity to repay the loan earlier, you can do it without fines and additional costs.
  • Convenient application form. Apply for a loan online. Fill in an application form and then the service team will contact you to discuss the amount and further steps.


As a matter of fact, some lenders, working with the unemployed describe their free loans as potentially much more expensive and therefore more bulky and unpredictable in comparison with traditional loans. The majority of lenders will check borrower’s credit reports. It allows making a decision whether or not the loan will be approved. So, if you are currently unemployed or do not have a stable income – check your financial history online in advance.

No job loans for the unemployed might be risky, as companies that give out loans will take over your paycheck and your account. It means your financial life will be under control. Otherwise, you should search for loans for the unemployed with no bank account. Consider getting a loan in-store with or without collateral. In the case of in-store loans, since one is showing up in person, it’s possible to receive instant approval and receive cash quickly.

Great if you can provide self-employment income or any other form of regular incoming payment. A single mom with bad credit might have an alimony or court settlements to be accepted by some lenders.

Be aware, that interest rates can reach 1000% a year. If you decide to roll over it might be even higher. So still, instant cash loans for unemployed people are risky. Consider yourself warned.

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